YouTube Updates: Hashtag Landing Pages, Learning Content & more

YouTube updates

YouTube team has announced an experiment to make learning content more accessible, along with more updates to the main app.

The YouTube updates include newly added functionality for Shorts and a short-format video experience on the platform.

Learning Content

YouTube is carrying out an experiment, to make educational or learning content more accessible on the platform. As a part of the experiment, the titles of the videos in search results will automatically be translated into Arabic, Portuguese, and Italian.

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If a user scrolls through and clicks on a video, the video will automatically show translated captions. The experiment is designed to tackle language barriers on the platform and make educational content inclusive for users around the world. The roll out to more languages depends on the success of the experiment.

Hashtag Landing Pages

Users will now be able to click on a hashtag and land on a Page that shows all videos that include the hashtag, as opposed to the topic of the hashtag it is related to, as it previously was. The hashtag landing pages are rolling out on the main app to all users.

Text In Shorts

Users who have access to the Shorts feature and the camera, now have the functionality to overlay text. The process would be similar to the overlaying text on YouTube Stories.