Zivame collaborates with Aishwarya Mohanraj for standup on T-shirt bras

Zivame Aishwarya Mohanraj

With Aishwarya Mohanraj, Zivame takes a humorous route to highlight the issues faced by women due to ill-fitted lingerie and bra outlines.

In their latest effort to keep healthy conversations flowing around lingerie, Zivame has roped in comedian Aishwarya Mohanraj for a quirky campaign on T-shirt bras. In the campaign film, Aishwarya performs a short standup act, detailing real-life challenges and embarrassment faced by women due to bra outlines and how it restricts their choice of outwear.

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With this campaign, the brand aims to highlight the issue and taboos associated with fitting clothes, such as T-shirts. Humour has been used as an essential element in the campaign to make it fun and relatable. Packaged in the form of a standup video helps make the content snackable for easy consumption by consumers.

Choosing Aishwarya for the campaign seems a perfect choice as she often talks about such hush-hush topics on her social media profile as well as in her regular standup acts.

Speaking about the campaign, Khatija Lokhandwala, Head Marketing, Zivame said, “Using engaging formats to educate customers about seemingly taboo topics is a Zivame trademark and has enabled the brand to strike the right chord and connect deeper with our audience.”