Burger King unveils new visual identity

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Burger King new identity

With the rollout starting in early 2021, the new Burger King identity will be implemented at restaurant locations across the world over the next few years.

Burger King has launched a new identity, in its first rebranding initiative in over 20 years. The brand feels the new design will be present throughout all touchpoints of the guest experience and represents the values of Burger King more authentically. The announcement signals a commitment to digital-first expression, recent improvements made by the brand towards taste and food quality, and their pledge for environmental sustainability.

As part of the rebranding, the brand will be rolling out a new logo, packaging, restaurant merchandise, menu boards, crew uniforms, restaurant signage and décor, social media, and digital and other marketing assets. According to the brand, the new look indicates confidence in the future, while remaining true to their legacy.

The design principles of the new identity capture the unique characteristics of the Burger King brand: Mouthwatering, Big & Bold, Playfully Irreverent, and Proudly True.

The new minimalist logo seamlessly meets the brand evolution of the times and pays homage to the brand heritage with a refined design that's confident, simple and fun.

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Inspired by the iconic Burger King flame grilling process and fresh ingredients, the new photography is hyper-textured and dials up the sensorial aspect of the food.

Colours selected for the new logo are unapologetically rich and bold. The new proprietary brand font being used across assets is called Flame. It is inspired by the shapes of Burger King food items — rounded, bold, yummy and the brand's irreverent personality.

New crew member uniforms reflect flame grill masters, mixing contemporary and comfortable style with distinctive colours and graphics. Real crew members feature in the new brand advertising.

The new packaging showcases the new logo very proudly while including bold colours and playful illustrations of ingredients.

Design is one of the most essential tools we have for communicating who we are and what we value, and it plays a vital role in creating a desire for our food and maximizing guests’ experience. We wanted to use design to get people to crave our food; its flame-grilling perfection and above all, its taste,” said Raphael Abreu, International Head of Design, Restaurant Brands International — Burger King, Popeyes and Tim Hortons.

The announcement signals a commitment to digital-first expression and recent improvements to taste and food quality standards, such as the removal of synthetic colors and artificial flavors from food, as well as an ambitious pledge to environmental sustainability. 

Dialing up taste and quality through design, every design element was intentionally reimagined to better reflect the new Burger King food journey.

Speaking about the brand revamp, Kapil Grover, Chief Marketing Officer said, “Burger King India continues to evolve as a brand matching the needs of its guests. After recently launching the Trust In Taste project with food free of any synthetic colours and artificial flavors, now even our logo represents realism. The new brand logo and visual identity is minimalistic, iconic and all about the food that we offer. The new visual identity is intended to get people to crave our food; its flame-grilling perfection and above all, its taste.”

Guests will start seeing the new visual identity starting April 2021. Over the next few months, Burger King India aims to implement this new design at restaurant locations across the country.

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