Facebook Workplace introduces Safety Center & improved Live Video experience

Workplace Facebook

Workplace by Facebook launched two new updates subjected to the new ways organizations are opting to operate in the midst of the pandemic.

The updates for Workplace by Facebook are a part of the broader 2021 product strategy, shares Alexandru Voica, Technology Communications Manager, EMEA, Facebook.

Safety Center

Safety Center is an improved and revamped version of Safety Check. The revamped tool has increased functionality and new user experience, to aid organizations to maintain and keep a check on employee safety.

The tool is particularly helpful for larger organizations, conglomerates, or companies situated in multiple locations, and can also be used while issuing travel advisories or executing frequent checks during the pandemic.

It streamlines communications during unforeseen circumstances and makes it easier to notify the company about their safety status with minimum taps.

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Additionally, the tool can also be used to:

  • Assemble the team
  • Set up communication channels
  • Run regular tests and drills
  • Alert employees of situations that might affect their safety
  • Track communications
  • Share post-incident reports
  • Keep the organization up-to-date
  • Gather and address feedback

You can learn more about how to use these features here.

Live Video

Employees can now go Live with multiple presenters and bring in internal or external speakers in one broadcast.

Users can go live through their mobile or desktop or technical video equipment, going Live through the Live Producer on Desktop is recommended over mobile.

Hosts can manage multiple participants and incorporate visuals or share their screen. Video analytics can also be monitored and broadcasted.

You can learn how to broadcast live video on Workplace here.