FreshBox Media appoints Hitesh Tulaskar as the Creative Director

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FreshBox Creative Director

Hitesh Tulaskar joins FreshBox Media as a Creative Director with more than nine years of experience in advertising, equipped with digital solutions and branding.

Before coming to FreshBox Media as a Creative Director, Hitesh devoted his time, building campaigns for the British Council, brands such as Lodha Xperia, Zee Media, RBL Bank, Sbarro Pizza, and more.

Speaking on the association, Kajal Kothari, the Director of FreshBox Media said, “His solution-driven mind ensures that the core essence of advertising and creative development lies under the systematic approach of creative building, understanding, and presenting.” 

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Tulaskar shares, "Observation is the key. The human brain cannot create anything new on its own. It requires some inspiration and experience to create something. And advertising is all about creating connections, marrying two or more scenarios to make the message more understandable".

He adds, "So to create something unique, we must be able to observe the minute elements. After all, most of the successful campaigns till now were based on the smallest of details and observations".

"FreshBox Media has helped brands and businesses flourish since its inception. The team recognizes the value of good design and the role of content in marketing. We look forward to working with Hitesh and creating a fresher spin to our way of working!"; said Susheel Garg, the Director of FreshBox Media. Hitesh is excited to embark on this creative journey and help FreshBox become one of the most trusted and renowned digital marketing agencies in India.

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