Global Samosa: NYT Cooking launches campaign to establish itself as the one-stop-shop for recipes

Paawan Sunam
Jan 19, 2021 04:20 IST
New Update
NYT Cooking campaign

The new campaign by NYT Cooking is garnished with drool-worthy visuals, fused with actionable CTAs, packed into concise packages, and delivered with efficiency.

NYT Cooking is cashing in on the new and recurrent consumer behaviors with the new campaign 'Recipes. Advice. Inspiration.' to make the most of the rising opportunities brought by the pandemic.

The two most prominent changes led by the pandemic have been the rise of home cooks and the surge in digital learning. NYT Cooking intends to make the time in the kitchen easier and enjoyable with recipes and handy tips, a notion highlighted in the campaign.

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The campaign was developed in collaboration with creative agency Gretel and media agency Hearts & Science. The campaign will be showcased on television, digital, and social media platforms.

Bumper ads that include four 7-seconders and two 16-seconders have also been carved out of the original 31-seconds long version of the campaign for optimal distribution.

In 2020, NYT Cooking attracted 113 million users to its recipes, guides and collections, an increase of over 40 percent compared to 2019.

Amanda Rottier, General Manager, NYT Cooking, said, "Cooking’s recipes, advice, and inspiration surprise and delight our subscribers with whatever they need — a breakfast in 10 minutes, meals that become delicious leftovers, and more. We know our users are looking for inspiration to make the every day less every day, and this campaign helps them do that through cooking".

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