India Today turns magazine cover into AR filter for mask awareness

India Today AR Filter

Created by Digital Cinthamani, the PehnoSahi AR filter is an attempt to raise awareness around the right way to put on a mask amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the last few months, masks have slithered into our lives like never before. They are no longer objects one would associate with doctors or sterile places — they are everywhere, on every face. Yet, despite the various signs and warnings by authorities, people tend to sometimes wear them wrong. In an attempt to raise awareness around the correct way to wear a mask, India Today Group has launched an AR Filter campaign in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Digital Cinthamani was roped in by them for the initiative.

Called #PehnoSahi, the campaign gives users a chance to be on the cover of the India Today Magazine — with a light blue one-time use mask on their face. 

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The effect can be used to click selfies against the backdrop of the magazine cover. The cover mentions the term The Corona Warriors, in bold, indicating the importance and intent of the campaign. India Today is essentially asking people to consider themselves Corona Warriors as they help spread awareness about the correct usage of a mask and to support the publication in their endeavour. 

To promote the AR filter and extend the reach of the campaign, several images and bite-sized videos featuring popular anchors of the India Today Group were shared on the publication’s Instagram page. They can be seen talking about the importance of wearing the mask right. The caption of these posts mentions #PehnoSahi, prompting people to go try on the filter.

The campaign has been launched by the publication on Instagram, in collaboration with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to nudge people into becoming an example for their friends and increase awareness about masks.

Digital Cinthamani has recently also worked on a similar AR filter initiative for Asianet Malayalam, helping them in their efforts to promote their recent season of Star Singer. For the AR filter, the agency had to create a replica for the stage, facilitating users to visualise themselves as singers, singing on the stage with a 3D mike in front of them and flashy lights in the background.

Commenting on this Innovative Tech promotion S Ashish, Head of Digital & Growth of Digital Cinthamani shared, “As an innovative tech team, we have created more than 100+ Filters for various broadcasters and brands. Working alongside with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and India Today was an interesting campaign during this pandemic is an absolute privilege. Apart from AR filters, the agency routinely works on various tech-heavy campaigns, incorporating AR, VR, Official WhatsApp BOT, Live Solutions and much more for immersive experiences.”