#GlobalSamosa Perrier revamps brand signature to ‘De l’eau, de l’air, la vie’ in new campaign


With an avant-garde vision of creativity, PERRIER’s latest campaign takes the viewer on an allegorical journey.

By reinventing one of the brand’s historic signature «De l’eau, de l’air, la vie», PERRIER®’s new campaign continues the mythical theme of its sagas, relying on the creative and artistic codes of the ads that have expressed its pop culture dimension, like «La Lionne», by Jean-Paul Goude or «La DanseCosmique», directed by Ridley Scott.

The new film depicts an over-heated world, symbolized by a sunbaked city with its inhabitants sheltering from the heat. A strong, modern woman – a conqueror – arrives on horseback, carrying the ultimate refreshment. The “pschitt” sound in this allegorical world reverberates through the city, attracting the attention of inhabitants, and a spectacular chase ensues through the streets, a car park, over rooftops, as they attempt to grab the bottle, and to finally the ultimate refreshment

The video ends up with a shot of the lead actor, who, having managed to keep hold of the bottle, then quenches her thirst, revealing the reason for her conquest to the eyes of this metaphorical world’s inhabitants: she is bearing life and with it the hope of humanity. That is how, with this allegory, PERRIER® has reinvented its brand signature: «De l’eau, de l’air, la vie».

Sean Murphy, Strategy Marketer Nestlé, says, “this campaign is a renaissance for Perrier®, it’s the proof Perrier® has never be more relevant than today. It’s the perfect match between the brand’s cultural and creative heritage and its conscience of the world being overheated. At the end it’s a strong message of hope and optimism, the message that every generation has an opportunity to live their life to the full.”

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The choice of script, colors, music and sets helps to create this resolutely pop culture and entertaining universe. Filmmaker Cary Joji Fukunaga has infused this project with his acclaimed style and energy.

Chandni Kohli Dhall, CMO of Hindustan Liquids – the official and only distributor of Perrier in India mentions, “Perrier is one of the creative brands and its reinvention of the brand’s historic signature De l’eau, de l’air, la vie, which translates to “Water, Air, Life” has certainly made a dramatic comeback globally. However, in India with this campaign launch, we will be making the iconic brand relevant more than ever.”