Social Media Jobs Exchange: January 2021

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Jan 29, 2021 11:00 IST
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Social Media Jobs Exchange

In the wake of ByteDance's decision to lay off employees in India, we opened up our comment sections for Social Media Jobs Exchange, here are some select job listings for your perusal.

Social Media Jobs Exchange is meant to be a space where recruiters and job seekers can meet and interact. As Social Samosa Network, we want to create a community where people can discuss job opportunities and scale the career growth they wish to achieve. To this end, we will be curating job opportunities each month and sharing them as a blog post.

Here are a few job listings we have curated in January 2021. Feel free to mention Social Samosa as a reference while applying to any of these.

Organisation: Hapramp Studio

Position: Social Media Executive

Location: Gurgaon


Organisation: Growth Gravy

Position: Performance Marketing candidate, with around 2 years of experience in Facebook ads

Location: Goa


Organisation: SoCheers

Position: Multiple

Department/Niche: Digital Marketing


Organisation: Red in the White

Position: Graphic Design Intern and Graphic Designer

Location: Jaipur

Organisation: C.R.A.F.T

Position: Social Media Marketing and Business Development Interns

Contact: /

Organisation: FLOUT

Position: Social Media and Graphic Design Interns


Organisation: Schbang

Position: Graphic Visualisers (Junior Visualiser with 1 to 2-years experience, Senior Visualiser with 2+ years experience)


Organisation: MensXP Mud

Position: Social Media Manager with a minimum of 2-years experience

Location: Gurgaon

Contact: Email and CC

Organisation: King Crescent

Position: Content Writers, Graphic Designers and Social Media Marketing Specialists

Location: Dwarka (Delhi)


Organisation: PMG India

Position: Copywriters, Script Writers and 2D/3D Designers (Open to hiring interns as well as people for full-time roles)


Organisation: Grape Vine Media Solutions

Position: Copy Writers & Graphics Designers with a minimum of 2-years experience


Organisation: Rapido

Position: Multiple

Department/Niche: ORM and Social Media


Organisation: The Noice Co.

Position: Graphics Illustrator and Design Intern who is proficient in Adobe Suite


Organisation: Artisans Of Assam

Position: Chief Chaos Officer & a sourcing partner


Organisation: Brand Catapult

Position: Social Media Manager with minimum 1-year experience & Performance Marketer with minimum 1-year experience

Location: New Delhi


Organisation: Women’s Web

Position: Social Media Associate & Content Creator for their Hindi channels


Organisation: WebzTechie

Position: Digital Marketing Expert (SEO and Ads) with 2-4 years of experience.

Location: Gurgaon


Organisation: Social Pundit

Position: Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Web Developer & Social Media Manager

Location: Chennai


Organisation: Ting

Position (Mumbai): Creative Directors, Business Heads, Account Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters, Social Media Executives, Digital Marketers, Performance Marketing and Amazon Marketing Web Developers, Junior Cinematographer, Video Producer, Motion Graphic Artists

Position (Chennai): Social Media Executives & Digital Marketing Experts

Position (Chennai): Social Media Executives & Digital Marketing Experts


Organisation: Midinnings

Position: Social Media Manager, Client Servicing, Business Development, Copywriting, Creative Strategist, SEO Executive


Organisation: Adbuffs

Position: Performance Marketer (Facebook/Google/Amazon), Email Marketers (Freshers up to 2 years and seniors with 3+ years experience), Creative Designer (Performance Creative) Executive with 2-3 years experience and Seniors with 3+ years experience

Location: Kolkata/Pune/Remote


Organisation: Zirca Digital Solutions

Position: Brand Solutions, Account Management, UI/UX Designer

Location: Mumbai


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