Let’s Talk IoT: Stephen Mangan uses dad humour in Vodafone UK campaign

Stephen Mangan

In the ad film, Stephen Mangan humorously lays out the importance of connecting businesses with Vodafone’s Internet of Things technology.

Vodafone UK has rolled out its new campaign called ‘Let’s Talk IoT’ featuring actor and comedian Stephen Mangan. The campaign highlights the actor’s trademark style of dry humour and leverages it to connect businesses with Vodafone IoT.

In the ad film, Stephen Mangan is seen conversing with an elevator’s buttons, appreciating a leaking pipeline on relieving the pressure, inspecting freshly made products and introducing two adjacent air conditioning units. The puns are used to subtly lay out the benefits of using IoT for businesses.

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The spot is very short and crisp, and Mangan’s humorous touch on understanding Vodafone’s IoT services sparks imagination in the minds of the viewers.

Speaking about the campaign, Anne Sheehan, Business Director, Vodafone UK, says “Our new campaign sets out to educate, inspire and support the business community who are so vital to the UK economy. With this campaign, we want to take away the complexity, and help businesses see that technology can be simple to deploy, simple to manage, and simple to see the return on investment.”