WhatsApp changes privacy policy with a few key updates

Paawan Sunam
Jan 06, 2021 08:18 IST
WhatsApp privacy policy

WhatsApp service and how users' data is processed, integration with Facebook Company Products, and an update for businesses on WhatsApp using Facebook hosted services, are subjected to the key changes in the privacy policy.

The updated WhatsApp Privacy Policy was announced today and as per usual they are subjected to future amendments and changes. Here are the key highlights from the new update:


Usage and log information, device and connection information (hardware model, browser information, mobile network, etc), location information when location-related services are used, cookies, and more of such information continues to be automatically collected from users.

WhatsApp mentions it does not retain users' messages, and messages are stored on the users' devices and not "typically" stored on their servers. Delivered messages are not stored on servers, undelivered messages are stored until 30 days and then deleted if still undelivered. Forwarded media is stored "temporarily" in encrypted form on the servers.

Third-Party Service Providers that work with WhatsApp, including Facebook companies can also provide data and information about the users to WhatsApp. When the WhatsApp service or any feature is used in integration with a third-party service or another Facebook company, their own terms and privacy policies would govern the use of those services and products.

Third-party services and Facebook Company Products that are integrated with WhatsApp features can also receive information about users, through WhatsApp.

User data and information can be transferred or transmitted to, or stored and processed in, the United States, where Facebook’s data centers are located, or any other territory that may not be where a user resides.

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Businesses that a user interacts with on WhatsApp can also provide data and information related to the user to WhatsApp, multiple people in the business, or third-party services the business works with, that may also include Facebook.

Businesses that user interacts with on the platform can store or reshares data and information about a user such as a phone number or messages, with anyone on or off the platform.

Businesses On WhatsApp are also provided with certain metrics regarding their use of our services.

During financial transactions and purchases done on the app, additional information about the user, including payment account and transaction information such as payment method, shipping details, and transaction amount, are also processed. More information can be found in the payment privacy policy.

Facebook Company Products

As a part of Facebook Company Products, WhatsApp can share user data and information with other Facebook Companies, and the companies can share the same with WhatsApp, and all Facebook companies including WhatsApp can use the data attained.

The data and information can be used to provide integrations that connect Facebook products, making suggestions, personalizing features and content, or for more purposes operational or otherwise.

You can read the privacy policy in detail here.

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