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In this day and age, the viewer being engaged with your campaign is not enough, they also have to be invested in it. Augmented Reality or AR has been known to achieve this, creating a catchy experience that would lead to brand loyalty. A look at few AR campaigns for inspiration

AR is the middle ground between the real-world environment and an unreal experience that can be tapped to its full potential with efficient campaigns.

Facebook data says 81% of users consider AR a fun way to interact with brands. Along with being a contemporary method to provide a branded experience, AR can also solve various real-world marketing problems.

Here we decipher the 'how' with a few successful examples.

The Walking Dead Scary Shelter - Sky

To promote a season of the popular show 'The Walking Dead', Sky collaborated with the agency move121 Werbeagentur and the production company Lala Filmproduktion, to turn a bus shelter in Vienna, Austria, into a passage between a mundane day and a nightmare.

People at the bus shelter saw dead people walking towards them through the AR experience on the screen. Along with giving jumpscares, the campaign also won a Clio Entertainment Silver in 2015 in the Television/Streaming: Innovative category.

Burn That Ad - Burger King

The flaming feud between Mcdonald's and Burger King has produced some of the most innovative and creative servings over the years, one of such campaigns is 'Burn That Ad', created and developed by David SP.

The campaign was created exclusively to promote BK Express, a tech tool enabling users to pre-order online, but turned out to be a solution for a huge problem for Burger King in Brazil. The huge problem being Mcdonald's media budget being 4x bigger than that of Burger King's.

The brand and agency tracked down every piece of Mcdonald's communication - OOH Hoardings, Social Media Posts, Google Image Searches, Signage, and more, compiled it into a database, and developed an augmented reality feature for the Burger King app that can be used to set the ads on fire.

The results? More than 4,00,000 ads burned, and the fire left blinding smoke too. The campaign garnered tons of organic coverage, and the app became the most downloaded on the App Store in the Food & Drink category in Brazil. The in-app sales increased by 54.6%, according to Burger King's internal data.

Extraordinary - Browns Fashion

Do you remember the time when everything on Instagram was all shimmers and glimmers? When a tap opened, crystals poured down instead of water…

It was because of the AR Filter created by Stink Studios to promote a line of clothing by the luxury retail brand Browns Fashion & artist Sara Shakeel, that included a range of T-shirts, sweats, and accessories adorned with Sara's signature style - bedazzled imagery.

The AR Filter enabled users to cover the surroundings and themselves in sparkling crystals; the filter was live on events at Browns East and the Browns Flagship store. It was also used by Sara to raise awareness about hand washing during the pandemic with the #WashYourHands series.

It gained over 2 Mn unique try-ons and over 400 Mn impressions, the filter's use by celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Heidi Klum, and more increased its popularity. The campaign also raked organic coverage by Forbes, Vogue, and The Financial Times.

Virtual Try-On Makeup - L’Oreal X Makeup Genius

The pandemic has created a real shift in the advertising perspective of AR, with its significance strengthened for communications, particularly for the beauty and cosmetics brands with several adopting the virtual try-on technology through features on Snapchat and Pinterest. Although one of the first movers in the industry was L’Oreal. They introduced the concept back in 2014 and advanced in the sector by changing the way consumers shop make-up products.

Users could scan their facial features in the Makeup Genius app and explore products and colors that best suit them; try different looks in real-time through the feature. It also enabled consumers to scan products at a retail store and check how the product would look on them without actually having to try it.

The Audi AR Experience - Audi

In 2018, Audi created an AR experience that could quite possibly be the future of traditional retail and customer assistants, more so in the post-COVID world. Audi Ireland created an experience that allowed consumers to discern the latest features and technology of the Audi A7 using Microsoft HoloLens technology, based on a mixed reality platform.

The consumers were able to interact with a virtual holographic assistant and digital content that highlights the elements of the car. The experience was designed to provide an advanced customer experience using modern technology and design.


Choosing the right furniture size has been a task for several consumers - measuring the vacant space, finding the right match in stores, the possible back and forth with carpenters. All of such problems were solved with the AR app, IKEA Place.

Users were able to browse and search IKEA furnishings and place furniture in their room and where it would sit and fit, capture it as a still or video, make a favorite list and buy via the IKEA website or the IKEA Store app.

Take a Photo With the Leopard - WWF Armenia

In 2017, WWF Armenia in collaboration with ARLOOPA created an AR campaign to raise public awareness on biodiversity conservation and threatened species.

The environmental information campaign enabled users to learn about endangered species in an immersive format through the ARLOOPA app. The campaign garnered 20,000+ scans and reached 100,000+ people.

Let's Football - Indian Super League

2020 was the year when the in-stadium cheers morphed into populated hashtags, and sports games extended beyond the screen they were being viewed on.

The AR Filters developed and designed by AliveNow for the ISL teams enabled fans to express their enthusiasm, show support for their favorite teams, and cheer from their home. The filters were created for all eleven teams, each one customized for the team's color palette and individual attributes. It also acted as the contemporary version of passionate painting their face with exuberance.

Along with the filters, AliveNow also created a flagship experience for the league, a mobile-based game where users can play football by simply moving their head. The AR experience uses the camera to detect motions and enables fans to play a tackle game.

AR has enabled brands to overcome various challenges that have arisen with changing consumer behavior. With the right tech partner and precise objective-based campaigns, AR can help create experiences that stand out.

AliveNow Creative Tech Studio - SAMMIE Best Social Media Brands is all set to acknowledge the work that amalgamates creativity with technology and insight.

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