Agency Feature: Shutter Cast

Shutter Cast

Who is Shutter Cast?

Shutter Cast is an app development, website development, and digital marketing agency that was started around 4 years ago as a side project. We have been working tirelessly to bring the latest technologies to startups and have been offering them a gamut of services for assisting in their operations. We initially started with website development but now have expanded into a one-stop solution for all the startups across the industry.

We wish to be recognized as the best and most transparent digital marketing agency in the digital marketing ecosystem. We are a team of 20 hard working, creative and innovative minds.

What’s in the name?

The name is often our first impression with customers. They see a sign with our name, and they either remember it or they don’t. The vision behind our name can help communicate our working strategy. The name Shutter Cast conveys our services and vision right!

What we do?

Shutter Cast specializes in website development, android/IOS app development and digital marketing services. We also provide content writing, SEO, graphic designing, company registration, animation/video editing, angel investment and incubation services. Further, since website development is a diverse field, there is no fixed charge for our services.

Why we do it?

The idea to launch The Shutter Cast came to Amol when he paid a company INR 35K to build a website. Unhappy with their work, Amol decided to learn how to design websites. While learning how to design sites, the idea to create The Shutter Cast took shape, and the company was born.

Moreover, the company was founded with a vision to provide high-quality and transparent work in the digital marketing domain. As previously mentioned, Shutter Cast specializes in website development, android/IOS app development and digital marketing services. It has been assisting clients in adapting newer technological innovation. Also, Shutter Cast follow a personalized and innovative approach to website development as per their client’s ethos and business and that is what makes the company stand out from the crowd.

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How we evolve?

Being in the domain of internet services, we are keeping abreast of all the future technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR)- and utilize the same in our services for enhanced customer satisfaction. Especially in website development, we leverage these technologies to stay ahead of the game. 

Social responsibility in social media

As humanity continues to develop technologically, we are increasingly faced with unprecedented moral and ethical dilemmas. As social media continues to blur the lines between tech and real life, we are seeking answers to those questions we never knew we had to ask. Social media marketing blends the personal with the professional in an unparalleled way and gives businesses incredibly personal data about consumers. Privacy concerns surrounding Facebook, Apple, and Google have been all over the news time and again, bringing to light questions about the digital age, data, and privacy.

As social media marketers, our job is to propagate our brand to our intended audience. We are working to connect people to products and services that technically fulfil their needs and meet their expectations of a certain utility. Behaving ethically may sometimes appear to be counterintuitive and counterproductive to business practices. Not capitalizing on people’s emotions, refusing to follow common and easier practices, and placing a higher price tag on products may seem like ways of leading a business to its doom. But research has proven otherwise.

A growing majority of consumers now expect brands and their agencies to behave ethically when delivering quality products. A greater number of consumers are beginning to look at brands in a socio-cultural context and want to know how the brand is taking steps to positively impact their community. As an online marketing agency, we need to keep in mind that technology is meant to bring brands and consumers closer together than ever before, so we must navigate the ethical questions that arise to the best of our ability and to the best of customer’s satisfaction. It so turns out that consumers respond favourably to companies and brands that are transparent, ethical and honest in their conduct of business.

Need of the hour

It’s essential that brands and companies are socially conscious. As an agency, we shoulder the responsibility of maintaining certain ethics. Avoid using nefarious tactics so as to gain both engagement and links. Transparency needs to be maintained with the audience when sharing something on social networks. Social media tends to generate insincerity and hence, it’s imperative that all agencies think twice before posting something that is basically like-baiting. Do not just go with the trending themes; rather post about things that are relevant to your niche.

Also, we live in an age when humongous amounts of data are collected with respect to our online activities. This data is highly invaluable to us marketers but it’s equally our duty to ensure that it is used within the bounds of law and in such a manner that we ourselves should be comfortable with it as if it’s our own data. Social media is an awesome medium and one that has completely transformed how we do business – both online and offline.

If it’s to remain the valuable resource that it is currently, then the way it’s used by marketers should always remain within the boundaries of honesty and decency. We also need stringent and expertly drafted social media laws in place which can curb malpractices that are sometimes resorted to by agencies and brands to gain more popularity and traction.

We learned the hard way

When creating online content and promoting it across social media networks, there are certain things that agencies need to keep in mind:

  • Provide authentic, complete and truthful information about the products and services.
  • When advertising a product or service on social media, it is imperative that agencies be as truthful as possible. Any claims or promises made concerning a product or promotion should be fully backed with proof. Brands must be willing to take full responsibility in case a product or service fails to fulfil the claims made.
  • Businesses (and their digital marketing agencies) must steer clear of using adverse comments regarding religion, politics, ethnicity, race, gender or other emotionally charged topics on social media platforms.
  • Online marketing and business operations enable and bring in significant international visibility. Selling products on a global stage requires digital content creators to thoroughly understand the ethics, morals, and values of other cultures.

The most important ethic out of all is maintaining user data privacy. In digital marketing, a company must exercise all measures to ensure they do not violate privacy rules. Data mining and extracting data wrongfully via platforms such as Facebook to create marketing campaigns violates privacy rules.

These are certain tips that I would share from my side as these are my learnings from my own experience running a digital marketing agency.

Did we just share that?

Not exactly funny, however I do have some explicit experiences where the clients did not understand the insights and the protocols of the web. It does get a little funny to explain the backend concepts of working.

They work with us

Nish Hair, a popular brand, is one of our biggest and oldest clients. There are many other prestigious clients in the market we are dealing with and these are the ones that are the oldest and have helped SC a lot since inception- Gifting Best Wishes, Fkitchens, Infini AI.

Industry as we foresee

The future is undoubtedly bright. There are numerous positive trends and statistics that support the prediction. The usage of social media is increasing rapidly and brands are increasingly shifting their marketing budget to social media channels because of higher engagement. With the increasing penetration of smartphones and the affordability of data packs, the usage of the internet and social media is only going to rise in the future.

Overview of the Indian Social Media industry in the coming years. The social media has been the most active and used medium over the last few years. It is affecting the lives of people, so much that people check these platforms from the moment they wake up to the moment they sleep at night. Just 41% of India’s population is online, but it’s still one of the world’s largest social media markets. With the ease of internet access, the number of active social media users in India stood at 330 million in 2019 and it is expected to reach 448 million by 2023. 290 million active social media users in India access social networks through their mobile devices. The Median age of India is 27.1 years. Millennials and Gen Z are the main contributors to social media usage in India. 52.3 % of social media results come from millennials. 28.4 % of social media conversations are from Gen Z and 15.1 % from those aged 35-44. 97 % of Indians who are connected to the internet watch videos online. Facebook and YouTube are the most popular social media networks in India. Moreover, social media is a crucial way of building brand awareness in India.

A day without Internet

As I’m an avid reader and a movie buff, I would surely be spending my day either with my nose deep in one of the latest bestsellers in the market or probably catching up with any of my favorite movies on TV or Netflix.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring across all our domains.