Ashita Chaturvedi launches creative agency, Gemba

Ashita Chaturvedi launches Gemba as the new creative agency in New Delhi

Gemba specializes in design, animation, and films. It is currently providing its services to an OTT platform.

Headquartered in New Delhi, Gemba is an independent creative agency launched by Ashita Chaturvedi. Positioned to catalyze with an agenda to create purposeful and brave work, the agency specializes in design, animation, and films and is currently providing its services to an OTT platform.

Planning to expand by the next quarter to include creative and social media strategy services, as well, Ashita Chaturvedi, Founder, Gemba, says, “I have been involved in my business at every step – from making sales pitches, sourcing leads, managing finances, to being a janitor. I plan to continue being a part of every single project that churns out of Gemba because this is where we differ from traditional agencies that breathe hierarchy. We’re a small team of highly impassioned young creatives who want to make the entire process of collaboration efficient and fun!”

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Before Gemba, Chaturvedi has worked with leading agency networks such as WPP (Ogilvy) and Dentsu International (Isobar), where she handled business for BMW India and Maruti Suzuki, respectively, amongst other brands.

The agency will work both on a retainer and project basis.