Converting traditional legacy into Digital: Inside Doctor Dreams' social strategy to deliver happy sleep

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Doctor Dreams social media strategy

We take you through Doctor Dreams' social media strategy, detailing how the brand is using digital to promote the concept of happy sleeping.

Targeted towards the tech-savvy audience, Doctor Dreams, a new holistic sleep solutions brand from the house of Nilkamal, is leveraging the digital space creatively to market itself. From collaborating with influencers such as Kusha Kapila and Vir Das to partnering with content platforms like Filtercopy, they have done it all. As part of their digital strategy, along with strengthening e-commerce options, Doctor Dreams is leveraging social media to market themselves and grow their consumer base by reaching relevant audiences.

Talking about the brand's strategy, Pinaki Gupta, Head of Marketing, Nilkamal and Doctor Dreams tells us, “Doctor Dreams is a digital-first brand and hence it's marketed predominantly in the digital space."

"We have leveraged a complete 360-degree digital campaign to reach out to our customers and are focussing on creating engaging and meaningful content around Happy Sleep," he adds.

Doctor Dreams' Social Media Strategy

Digital plays a big role in the marketing strategy of Doctor Dreams. The brand is very active on its Instagram page, catering to a target audience of young persons. With its content, Doctor Dreams aims to target anyone who knows the importance of sleep, says Gupta.

The brand relies heavily on trending topics and creates topical posts around such conversations. These posts help generate more audience engagement and catch the eye of a potential consumer.

Talking about leveraging trends with their content, Gupta says, "Trending formats can be an additional tool to attract the audience's attention and may also help the brand stand out in the clutter. We are careful in choosing the right trending format to ensure that it seamlessly blends with the brand's communication tonality and style."

To give its viewers more of a personal touch, the brand often leverages festivals and special holidays in its content. For Diwali, it took into account different behaviours of people during the festival like house cleaning, decorating, and created posts around them.

As these topics are relatable to people, they connect more with the brand and its products, such content gains more traction.

Association with Influencers

Doctor Dreams has collaborated with a number of influencers on Instagram who have a massive reach and audience. The brand considers some factors while picking influencers: their type of content, quality of followers, and reach. These influencers not only gain more views and traction for the brand, but also build a sense of credibility.

Recently, it collaborated with Vir Das, as part of a "Dream Fever" concept, where he was talking about random dreams sent by people.

"As part of our marketing efforts, we have associated with key influencers such as Vir Das, Kusha Kapila, Beyounick, and more, to connect with their followers. Social media influencers have immense popularity these days and have the power to drive consumers towards your brand," explains Gupta.

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Fun Contests

Contests are a great way to build engagement and communicate with the audience. Doctor Dreams partnered with FilterCopy to host a contest on their Instagram with the concept of Night Owls and Early Risers. People participating had to choose a team and tag their friends to win the league.

Gupta tells us, "The contest was part of a content module that we had developed for the brand around different sleep patterns. The topic of the contest was very relatable for our audience and they participated wholeheartedly in the same. It helped generate a lot of engagement for the brand. We received thousands of responses in a very short period of time."

Sleep Stories

The brand focuses majorly on delivering a "Happy Sleep" to its consumers and puts efforts in communicating this message through its content. In order to effectively initiate this, Doctor Dreams uses the IGTV feature on Instagram and puts up stories which would help people have a peaceful sleep. These sleep stories are narrated by different artists in both English and Hindi language.

Apart from the stories, the brand also uploads behind the scenes footage of how the sleep stories are produced.

Coming from the house of Nilkamal, a legacy furniture brand, Doctor Dreams has successfully made itself an all-digital brand by providing different tech induced experiences to its consumers.

There are a number of benefits of digital for the brand: Successfully targeting its audience, reaching more masses, having conversations with its consumers and more.

Talking about what lessons Doctor Dreams has learnt from Nilkamal, Gupta says "Nilkamal Ltd has been consistently innovating and creating products and solutions to provide quality, comfort and convenience to its customers. Doctor Dreams has been built around the same philosophy and is backed by the technology, quality and logistics might of Nilkamal Ltd."

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