Facebook updates Information Center for climate change

Facebook Information Center

Climate Science Information Center that provides information and resources from various organizations on Facebook, is being expanded with improvements and introductions of new sections.

The Information Center on Facebook provides data and figures on climate change from UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and more of such organizations, along with actionable steps that users can take on an individual level.

Nancy Groves, of the UN Environmental Programme, mentions, “A healthy planet depends on everyone, everywhere and that starts with people having access to accurate and timely information. We look forward to continuing to work with Facebook on this new effort to dispel myths and to provide access to the latest science on the climate emergency”.

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The center is available in countries such as France, Germany, UK, and the US, and will be expanded to more countries soon. A new section that debunks climate change myths has also been integrated. The platform says they are collaborating with climate communication experts for this feature.

In countries where the center is available, users searching for terms related to climate change will be directed to it. Starting with the UK, more countries will have informational labels on some climate-related posts. The labels can also redirect a user to the center.