IKEA campaign highlights its understanding of home during changing times

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IKEA launched an integrated campaign in India, second in the series of the creative platform - “Home Is where it all begins”, across television, OOH, and digital channels.

COVID-19 has made the home the epicenter of everything we do and pushed us to re-evaluate how living spaces are utilized, more than ever before. Home is where we grow every day. The notion is highlighted with a 360-degree campaign by IKEA which will be live on TV, OOH, and digital platforms.

The campaign will run on TV in both Telangana and Mumbai markets on regional channels. Telangana market will see the TVC in the Telugu voice-over running with an aim to strengthen the local connect while the Mumbai market will have an English voiceover to appeal to a more diverse and cosmopolitan population.

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Commenting on the campaign, Amitabh Pande, Marketing Head, IKEA India says “More than ever, our homes have become our entire world. The home is the source of who we are, what we do, and where we are heading in our lives. Is it any wonder that any change we wish to make in our lives, needs to start at home? Because with change, comes new possibilities and new beginnings. That’s why 'home is where it all begins'. This second campaign in the series speaks to one of the most important changes in the living situation of a family - coming of a new baby, and that too during the time of pandemic.

He adds, "When both parents are working (from home), and there is very little help, the only way is for everyone to pitch in. They say it takes a village to raise a baby! This story is about a father playfully training his young son to contribute to taking care of the baby that is due to arrive soon. And how IKEA, through its wide range of functional and affordable home furnishing solutions, is a key enabler to make this journey of change easy and even fun. Because when we share the responsibilities, we grow together as a family. And Make our Everyday Brighter".

The first campaign under ‘home is where it all begins’ was released last year. It talked about a family that has moved to a new home and is bringing a slice of outdoor in their city home. The second in the series is the story of a family getting ready to welcome a new baby in their lives. The campaign talks to IKEA’s core audience – families with children and reflects progressive values that the brand prizes.

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