Love is beautiful, for all: LGBTQ+ campaigns with inclusive narratives

inclusive love brand campaigns

Going beyond the heteronormative depiction of love, Indian & Global brand campaigns have time and again put forth inclusive love stories, here’s a curated list.

Since time immemorial, love stories have been an integral part of brand campaigns — but they have only recently started becoming truly inclusive. Going beyond the narrative of support for LGBTQ+, these campaigns tell stories is a way that helps reduce the taboo around love that doesn’t pass the test of heteronormativity. Love is love, after all.

It could be dating apps telling stories of their users or a fabric brand focussing on the importance of clothes in increasing a person’s confidence to be their own selves. While a crockery brand can highlight their products in scenes of the everyday life of the couple, a jewellery brand can focus on the wedding day tales and proposal stories. In fact, brands from every sector can leverage inclusive love stories to talk about their products and services — and some of them have done so beautifully.

In this curated list, we take a look at brand campaigns that primarily focus on LGTBQ+ couples and their love stories. These campaigns go beyond the awareness objectives to support stories that continue to unfold around us — every day.

Tinder India




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Tiffany & Co.

Lush Cosmetics

Amazon Alexa

Hilton Hotels & Resorts

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