Infographic: Facebook highlights new consumer behavior trends

Facebook Infographic

With COVID-19 disrupting the advertising industry and severely changing consumer behavior, a few data insights are now available by Facebook through this infographic.

Brands and agencies who actively build a social media presence and engage in paid promotions on Facebook platforms can gain a sense of perspective on the altered consumer behavior with insights mentioned in the infographic.

Changed priorities, convenience at the forefront, new and modern ways to shop, are a few of the glimpses of the new consumer. Unlike this cliché, “A lot has changed this year”. Past year, but the difference remains strange in an unsettling way, as the consumers look to spend their time on what matters the most and brands try to play a valuable role in this new life.

Live Shopping and Augmented Reality have cropped up as important aspects of marketing (which was performance marketing until last year). The stringent scrutiny of ROI on ad spends will only be stricter moving forward, which makes it all the more important to tap emerging trends.

Facebook has also provided a few steps that marketers can follow to adapt to these shifts in the paradigm.

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Facebook Infographic