KPMG India partners with Infomo to engage with digital advertisers worldwide

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KPMG in India and Infomo

The global partnership between KPMG in India and Infomo will focus on generating direct revenues for telecom carriers and large publishers through digital marketing and more.

KPMG in India and Infomo today announced their alliance to develop digital advertising solutions for enterprises and large publishers utilizing the InfomoR3- a sell-side ad tech platform.

InfomoR3 is an ecosystem platform designed for sell-side stakeholders in the digital marketing value chain. It enables sell-side stakeholders to consolidate inventory and present advertisers, agencies, and the SME sector a direct gateway to advertise to known subscribers & consumers. In doing so, large publishers offer advertisers and agencies the most optimized supply path for the delivery of advertisements.

The seller-controlled digital marketing value chain powered by KPMG in India - Infomo solution provides a compelling alternative to the programmatic ecosystem. It allows large publishers, enterprises, and telecom carriers to offer advertisers customizable digital marketing services providing performance marketing opportunities, ensuring:

  • Reach to a known audience
  • Precise targeting of a known audience
  • Measurable engagement and interactions.

The current programmatic digital marketing value chain is currently plagued by ad-fraud and privacy issues (user data abuse). The KPMG in India - Infomo solution transfers total control back to the sell-side stakeholders and is a transparent real time alternative to advertisers and agencies.

In addition to providing direct access to advertise, the KPMG in India - Infomo solution enables telecom carriers, enterprises, and large publishers to offer advertisers and agencies multiple innovative options to customize their advertisements to deliver 360o rich media campaigns to attract the attention of targeted users from within a known customer base.

The commercial model is designed to ensure sell-side stakeholders get better ROI compared to delivery of standard ads sourced from the existing programmatic ads with all ad-technology expenses included in the pay-on-performance based revenue share arrangements. It also provides telecom carriers, enterprises, and large publishers customizable options to initiate user engagements leveraging the combined power of content, known consumer insights, user segment profiles, location, time, and device usage using online and offline channels. 

The solution also gives a unique opportunity to expand the digital marketing reach to Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who so far have not been active participants in the digital marketing paradigm. The platform’s do-it-yourself interface allows SMEs to create their own content and reach out to targeted cohorts.

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Speaking about the partnership, Satya Easwaran, Head of TMT sector, KPMG in India, noted, "As digital marketing gains center stage in the advertising arena, publishers will need to strengthen their technology footprint to ensure there is a direct connect between the advertisers and the target audience. KPMG in India - Infomo solution, aims to do just that by providing performance marketing opportunities to advertisers."

Akhilesh Tuteja, Head of Digital Consulting practice, KPMG in India, added, "KPMG in India-Infomo digital marketing solution is a comprehensive solution, which aims to maximize the effectiveness of digital interactions. It offers win-win outcomes to all the members of the ecosystem and including large publishers, enterprises, telecom carriers and consumers. The solution is innovative and enables direct interaction and engagement with advertisers, agencies, channel promotions and campaigns through digital channels."

Further, Harsha Razdan, Head of Business Consulting practice, KPMG in India, shared, “By leveraging our telecom and media experience, we believe we can assist clients with their digital transformation journey enabling them to take control over pricing and monetize performance marketing opportunities.”

Welcoming this alliance, Ananda Rao, Founder & CEO, Infomo, said, "By working closely with KPMG in India we address two critical components in our solution set that we offer, Strategy and Managed Services that will enable telecom operators and publishers to monetize their first-party data but also offer new offerings to its enterprise and SME customers." Speaking of the current limitations faced by the industry Rao said, "Advertisers in the digital world require extensive audience reach, known audience targeting, and measurable audience engagement. Our partnerships with telecom carriers and leading publishers around the world provide advertisers access to massive known audiences. Our platform provides a range of new and powerful capabilities enabling sell-side stakeholders to directly enable their inventory buyers to directly interact and engage the known consumer bases they bring to the table within the value chain."

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