#MakeYourOwnParade: Carhartt & Guinness team up for St. Patrick's Day

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Carhartt St. Patrick's Day

Carhartt and Guinness are asking people to reimagine their St. Patrick's Day celebrations from home with a hope for a better, safer future.

This St. Patrick's Day, premium workwear brand Carhartt and beer brand Guinness are teaming up to brew hope for the future with co-branded gear up to keep the spirit of the holiday alive. They are calling on people to reimagine their St. Patrick's Day celebrations from home.

No matter the circumstances, the spirit of the holiday must live on — it just may require folks to #MakeYourOwnParade. Consumers will be encouraged to recreate their holiday traditions in a new way and share their at-home parade using the hashtag and tagging Carhartt on Instagram.

"Throughout 2020, we saw the resiliency of hard-working people all around the world," said Janet Ries, Vice President of Marketing at Carhartt. "We've had to reinvent the way we connect and how we share experiences. So while we're still unable to celebrate in person, we encourage everyone to #MakeYourOwnParade and share your celebrations in the safest, most connected and optimistic way."

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And until we march again, the two brands are excited to launch their third collection, featuring men's and women's sweatshirts, t-shirts and hats in select colours that perfectly blend the spirit of Guinness with the quality of Carhartt. This year, select items will feature a "Work for the Better" tagline.

Two years ago, Guinness and Carhartt came together to "Work for the Better" by making a special-edition lager to raise money for the heroic first responders of Team Rubicon. Last year, the two companies lent a hand to help fund and support the hardworking Plumbers Union of Chicago, who are also known to dye the Chicago River green on occasion. Now, as this year's holiday approaches, the two brands are celebrating the hardworking men and women who "Work for the Better" and help build a better world.

"As a company rooted in a rich history of hard work and a reputation for quality, we couldn't think of a more fitting partner to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with than our friends at Carhartt," said Nikhil Shah, Guinness Brand Director. "The holiday has taken on a new meaning for us this year and, with this new collection, we remain strong in our commitment to uplifting people and communities during this time."

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