#PawriHoraiHai brand creatives dancing to the rhythm of the new trend

#PawriHoraiHai brand creatives

Ye Humara Listicle Hai, Ye Social Media Brands Hai, Or Yaha Creativity Horai Hai! #PawriHoraiHai brand creatives take over the floor.

A video posted by Dananeer introducing us to her Pawri in the hills launched a meme fest and has been trending with widely circulated alterations and creators around South Asia coming together to walk in the Pawri, the latest entrants being #PawriHoraiHai brand creatives. The rendition by Yashraj Mukhate also contributed to amplifying the trend.

Not-so-subtle brand integrations in an attractive accent, a humorous tonality in the trending template, and original lyrics by the courtesy of Dananeer is the soundtrack of this Pawri.

Brands have used the format to convey promotional communication in a light-hearted language, increasing the snackable quotient of the post.

#PawriHoraiHai has been on timelines for a couple of days now, and presently still remains to be one of the top trends in South Asia, particularly India & Pakistan.

Scroll through the brands rocking the floor.




Durex India

Mumbai Police



Surat City Traffic Police




Spotify India

Audible Suno

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