Ryan Reynolds uses dry humour in new Mint Mobile ad

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Mint Mobile

The latest ad film by Ryan Reynold's Mint Mobile covers the story of a man who forgot his Bitcoin password.

Mint Mobile and its owner Ryan Reynolds launched a video campaign based on the story of a Bitcoin investor who failed to retrieve his password to his account.

The spot begins with Ryan Reynolds's voice narrating Alex's experience with Bitcoin. He explains how Alex is the only millionaire in his family, however, no one will ever know as he does not remember the password to his Bitcoin account. Alex then gets a subscription to Mint Mobile, and as he goes on to share one year's worth of the network, his voice gets beeped out.


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The name of the ad film, "Bitcoin DocuMintary" has been very cleverly crafted with a pun intending towards Bitcoin and the experience of the man. In true Ryan Reynolds fashion, the spot takes a sarcastic and witty route.

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