#Superwomen2021: The Class of 2020 speaks…

#Superwomen2021 Testimonials part 2 from the class of 2020

As we move closer to the D-day of the event, the winners from the class of 2020 explain what it takes to be a #Superwomen, in today’s day and age.

It takes immeasurable strength and undaunted spirit to break the age-old norms to stand out from the rest and the #Superwomen from the last year, have proved this through grit, determination, and unwavering spirit. With #Superwomen2021 a few days away, the Class of 2020 shares its thoughts on what it takes to be one.

#Superwomen2021 - Chandni Shah

#Superwomen2021 - Sapna Arora

#Superwomen2021 - Neha Powar

#Superwomen2021 - Aditi Ohri

#Superwomen2021 - Shurobi Menon

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As women leaders continue to push the envelope for benchmark of pathbreaking work in the A & M Industry, even during the pandemic, #Superwomen2021 aims to pay a tribute to such leaders during challenging times

The categories for the entries’ nominations include – Media Leaders, Brand Marketers, Agency Professionals, and Bloggers/Creators. The winners for this year will be evaluated and screened by an esteemed jury panel, you can nominate yourself here.

Nominations Deadline – 26th February, 2021

Winner Announcement – 8th March 2021

More details will follow soon for #Superwomen2021. For further queries or suggestions, write to us at team@socialsamosa.com or tweet to us @Social_Samosa.