Twitter shares updates on developments of performance advertising offerings

Twitter advertising

The developments in the performance advertising space on Twitter include a revamped objective, an upgraded attribution model, and a measurement solution.

The refurbished solutions for performance advertising on Twitter focus on the fundamentals such as campaign management, optimization, and performance measurement.

App Installs Objective

The foundation of the App Installs Objective has been rebuilt and popular formats have been revamped to drive higher engagement and mobile impressions, aiding advertisers to launch, manage, and measure app install campaigns better.

The revamped version includes enhanced creative formats and improved Twitter App Cards. With an intent to deliver improved stability and performance, the platform also introduced a combination of prediction, bid optimization, supply, and supply quality improvements. The infrastructure and how ad serving works has been upgraded too.

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The Ads Manager experience is more intuitive now. The single tab Tweet creation experience will enable advertisers to build a creative in one go, and the Ad Group Details page has been updated to streamline optimization and bidding combinations.

Twitter Click ID

Twitter Click ID provides a method to measure the users who visited a site after clicking on a Twitter ad. The method has been designed to avoid discrepancies, as the shift away from third-party cookies is getting more prevalent n the industry.

The platform looks at the feature as a long-term measurement solution post a cookie-less advertising era.

The Twitter CLick ID utilizes a unique identifier appended automatically in the URL, when a user clicks on a website ad. As the user lands on the website and the Twitter pixel fires, the ID will be captured and used to attribute the site visit to the click.