Weetabix attracts users, brands & even ministries with a viral brand association Tweet

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Weetabix Tweet

The Tweet suggesting Heinz Beanz topped with Weetabix has turned out to be one of the most controversial food combinations ever, generating a flood of reactions from several brands and users.

#PineappleOnPizza is a bygone now, #BeanzOnWeetabix is the present pop culture moment that has caused the chaos of retaliation. The Weetabix Tweet has brought all the brands to their yard.

For the unacquainted, Weetabix is a whole-grain wheat breakfast cereal, in the form of palm-sized rounded rectangle-shaped biscuits, quite popular in the UK. The Tweet suggesting Heinz Beanz (can of baked beans) on Weetabix biscuits has been called out to be bizarre and scandalous by brands and users. The tweet was a part of a Weetabix-Heinz UK brand association.

The Twitter thread is the equivalent of a crossover episode featuring the biggest F&B brands and more from various sectors, most playing the part of naysayers, criticizing the food combination but in an amusing language with subtle brand integrations.

They said, "No publicity is bad publicity", which is turning out to be true for the brand. despite most brands opposing the suggestion, the Tweet has been quote tweeted almost 50K times, with more than 23K Retweet, and about 80K likes. The Tweet also contributed to a spike in Google Searches for the brand.

Social media brands are also riding on the Tweet's popularity by being a part of the conversation and also showing their humane and funny side or as a

I'm loving the 'corporate' accounts coming into the comments. Great when some of these are run by people allowed to have a bit of fun and not stuck up their own backsides! Nice one! ??

— Yungee (@yungee__) February 9, 2021 target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">user puts it corporate accounts that are "run by people allowed to have a bit of fun and not stuck up their own backsides".



Domino's Pizza

National Rail



Sky TV

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The State Of Israel

Virgin Atlantic


Shakespeare's Globe


Krispy Kreme





User Reactions

Apart opposing the combination, users who viewed the thread have shared positive responses to Weetabix and the brands in general who participated in the thread.

The simple Twitter campaign with a static photo has turned out to be one of the best examples of humane marketing and proved how rewarding risks can be, and how a brand can connect and resonate with consumers with simplicity by tapping a unique insight.