YouTube tests new feature, ‘Clips’ with gaming creators

YouTube Clips

Clips, the new feature for YouTube creators would enable them to highlight interesting moments on live streams in particular and VOD, by generating a snippet of the video.

Clips are particularly designed for gaming creators but has use case applications for all creators on YouTube, especially the ones dealing with long-format content. It shows a part of the video with its own attribution.

Creators can select 5-60 seconds of a video or a live stream and generate its own unique clip URL; the section will play on loop directly on the existing Watch Page of the video for all viewers who click on the link.

Clips is being tested with a small group of gaming creators first and will be slowly expanded as the feature develops and gains feedback on the user experience.

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How To Use Clips

  • Click on the ‘Clip’ button beside the ‘Share’ and ‘Save’ options on the Watch Page of the video
  • Pick the section you want to generate the Clip of and drag the bars to increase or decrease the duration of the video
  • Add a title
  • Click ‘Share Clip’
  • Copy the URL, or share it on desired platform(s)

Live Streams and VODs (video on demand) can be clipped with the aforementioned process. When a user is viewing a Clip, they would be seeing the clipped section on loop on the Watch Page of the video it has been extracted from, and they can shift to watching the full video by clicking the ‘X’ button or ‘Watch Full Video’.

Apart from the Clip’s URL, it can also be found through its individual tab, which can be accessed by tapping the left sidebar on YouTube Web, and also in the mobile app. Clips can be used on all videos except on kids’ content, live streams over eight hours long or without DVR, and premiers while they’re live.