Agency Feature: Trivium Media Group

Trivium Media Group

How do we define Trivium Media Group?

Trivium Media Group is an advertising, public relations, branding, and media agency having its presence across India & UAE. With its persistent presence as an emerging leader of Brand Management, Public Relations, Media Production offering Creative Designing and Packaging, Content Marketing, Digital, Social Media and Communication Management, Web Design, Brand Activation to Media Planning & Buying from Creative Consulting to Marketing, Media Procurement & Strategy Audits, the agency operates across all these areas.

Trivium was incepted in 2012. What started off as a team of 3, steadily grew in leaps to a team of 80-100 professionals, across multiple offices, working in an integrated environment.

What’s in the name? 

‘Trivium’ is a medieval term that hails from a course on Logic, Rhetoric, and Grammar. It also stands for the meeting point of three paths. Residing in the lines of Media, Communications, Brand Building, and Enhancement, Trivium has a multitude of co-relating and integrated functions which it performs.

As we are first a Media Agency dealing in Brand Communication, Management & Enhancement, Visual & Creative Communication, Brand Strategy Building, and various other functions, Media as a term is a necessary inclusion to communicate our broad functions to prospects.

Communication is the essence of what we do, whether verbal, written, or visual. We communicate and share our clients’ messaging to their proliferated audiences. Hence, to communicate is our basic function and another necessary inclusion in our company’s identity.

What we do? 

Trivium aims to be a facilitator for brand building, positioning, and enhancement of imagery. It intends to add value to any brand by suggesting a better and more productive way of doing things while carrying out daily processes. An end-to-end advertising and media content communication agency that executes researched, tried, and tested personalized strategies for each of their clients.

Why we do it? 

The Founders of Trivium are veterans of the advertising industry. These moguls at extremely senior positions in the best Ad Agencies in the world decided to incept their own venture.

With global expertise and knowledge of the workings of a multitude of industries, the founders are able to bring to their clients a range of hyperlocal, local, national as well as international solutions and strategies.

How we evolve? 

Our industry is very dynamic and constantly changing. It is important to update and reinvent our means and ways every so often.

Social responsibility in social media 

Social media is both a blessing and a curse in today’s time. We are in the business of communication and hence use it solely as a tool and a means to do so, without divulging into aspects which are not relevant to us.

By not blindly following trends, and ensuring we do not get enveloped into the whole labyrinth of reels, likes, saves, and others, we ensure to stay present and relevant while actually being present in the real world.

The Need of the hour 

There needs to be a clear-cut bifurcation between what is real and what is fake, and also how it is portrayed. We should invest some time in fact-checking and fact-finding before believing everything we see, as that results in some serious repercussions. It’s important to sometimes keep your blinders on, and your eyes on the prize instead of being distracted by a lot of unnecessary information that surrounds us.

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We learned the hard way 

Social nuances, indulgence, expectations, and deliverance. We have all experienced this at some point. We also took the time to understand the importance of detoxing and social breaks, and the role a constant bombardment of these factors can play on the psyche of the human mind. 

They work with us 

We respect all our client’s privacy, and hence, we do not divulge into naming them. However, we work across various sectors, such as Technology, AgriTech, Agriculture, Fashion, Luxury, Lifestyle, Retail, Hospitality, Real Estate, Education, Healthcare, amongst others. We are explorers, who love to experience new industries and learnings from various business sectors.

The industry as we foresee 

India has the potential to be the world’s strongest and largest content producer. We have a global responsibility as creators to make a resounding impact, being the formulators and inspiration for art and culture in various parts of the world. The coming generation is more aware and can lead the industry through the cusps of a digital revolution.

A day without Internet 

We have a contrary belief than most. A day without the internet is mandatory. Taking the time out to spend with family, friends, and yourself as well. It is not synonymous with breathing, we need a little detox to reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. We all need a shift from Reel to Real.

Lastly, are you hiring?