#BrakeOnStereotypes: Hyundai India shatters stereotypes around women drivers

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Mar 09, 2021 07:20 IST
Brake On Stereotypes- Hyundai India

This International Women’s Day, Hyundai India shatters stereotypes around women and driving through an interesting storytelling campaign - Brake On Stereotypes

Even in a modern world like today, we see people being judgmental about women drivers with a pre-conceived notion that they lack good driving skills. It’s no news that stereotypes have shackled women over the years, irrespective of them proving their mettle over and over. However, ‘Braking’ the chain, Hyundai India, this International Women’s Day shatters one of the most common stereotypes women around the world have to face.

In a remarkable campaign, Brake On Stereotypes, Hyundai India captures and aims to break one of the biggest stereotypes around women. The film revolves around the very essence of showcasing the need of the hour- that women possess an equal ability to take the driver’s seat and also can single-handedly park the vehicles while possessing great parking skills.

Recreating an instance, seen often in common parking spaces where men offer to park or pull out a vehicle for a woman, the protagonist in this campaign - a woman is seen confidently walking up to a man who seems to be struggling while parallel parking. 

Not only does the woman gracefully park the car for the man, but we also see the man stand in awe of this person who offered a helping hand, instead of taking offence, which is usually the case with the society at large. 

A crisp video, Brake On Stereotypes, with its storytelling and sharp narration of the issue, keeps you hooked till the very last second and resonates with the brand’s ideology of #ProgressForHumanity. According to their ideology of #ProgressForHumanity, the brand stands for creating innovative solutions that enable progress and humanity, for what humanity is, what brings us closer and makes us stronger. 

Thus, the campaign too urges viewers to let go of the misconceptions that have been conditioned in us through biased and downright wrong media representation of women drivers. 

International Women’s Day is celebrated all around the world, resulting in a deluge of campaigns every year. Hyundai India, however, by picking a relatable issue and narrating it with class and perspective, manages to stand out while dealing with a big stereotype on the way.

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