Clubhouse to pay creators who join the Creator First accelerator program

Paawan Sunam
New Update
Clubhouse creators

The Creator First accelerator program is designed to provide support and resources that creators need to flourish their creativity on Clubhouse and equip them with the required tools.

As the platform was only launched about a year ago, content creation powered by voice is a new space being explored by the creators, Clubhouse has now outlined a few efforts in the Creator First accelerator program to streamline the creators' efforts.

Aspiring creators can submit an application for the program by filling out a form and providing the necessary details and samples of their work. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2021.

Creators tapping all genres and topics can enroll. Here are a few of the resources and tools that the creators will receive if they successfully enroll themselves into the program:

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  • Equipments such as iPhone, iRig or AirPod Pros, will be sent to the creators by Clubhouse, Android will be integrated into the program in the future
  • A monthly stipend and matching creators with brands
  • Design services for creative assets
  • Promotion within and off of Clubhouse
  • Support in building audience

Furthermore, as a part of the product updates recently announced, users can now share a link to their profile or club, and users can also invite via phone numbers through contacts or by typing them out. Additionally, the platform will learn what language rooms a particular user tends to join and filter the others.

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