Exide Life Insurance launches #YouNeverRideAlone encouraging road safety

Exide Life Insurance

The campaign is aimed to act as a wake-up call by Exide Life Insurance for people to take Road safety seriously.

Exide Life Insurance launched a new film, #YouNeverRideAlone, as a part of their ongoing CSR campaign, Helmet Saves. Through the campaign, Exide Life Insurance remains committed to spreading awareness on helmet safety through continuous engagement by reaching as many Indians as possible.

The film opens with a man riding his motorbike enjoying the bright and sunny day. His helmet hangs by the handle unattended. The scene then cuts to the man’s parents, pregnant wife, and young child standing symbolically on the same bike as he rides.

There is a look of concern on their faces as the man approaches speed-breakers on the road, while the man seems oblivious of the danger. Thankfully, at the last moment, the man manages to stabilize his bike and makes it over the speed-breakers safely. This however jolts him into reality. He looks in his rearview mirror and realizes that his family and their responsibility is always riding with him, no matter where he is. The film ends with the man making the smart choice of protecting himself with a helmet, for the sake of his family.

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Speaking about the film, Amaresh Jena, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Exide Life Insurance said, “Helmet Saves is a CSR campaign that is very close to our heart. In #YouNeverRideAlone, we have taken an unconventional form of storytelling. We want people to realize, that you have a responsibility towards your family irrespective of where you are or what you do. Your family is banking on you to take care of them, and you can do this only if you Protect yourself first. Hence wearing a helmet while riding should become a habit”

Talking about the organization’s CSR campaign, he further added, “In India, Helmet is still not viewed as a necessity while riding a two-wheeler. We launched our CSR campaign, Helmet Saves, 4 years back in 2017. Witnessing the enthusiastic support of customers and employees alike during the year, we realized that there is much work to be done on this front. One of the surveys conducted by us revealed that nearly 50% of parents would allow their children to ride a motorcycle helmetless, and 75% see such child pillions riding unprotected at least once a day. Taking a cue from these statistics, in 2018, we launched the second phase of the campaign with Helmet Saves Children, to shed light on this alarming trend. In 2019-20 we extended the campaign and captured people’s imagination with our quirky take on Raksha Bandhan with the campaign #HeadWaaliRakhi.”