Fintech start-up Fi looks for 21 ‘Chief Broke Officers’

FI Money

A neobank for salaried millennials, Fi has rolled out its first consumer awareness campaign on LinkedIn. Read on to know more...

Fi is a neobank for salaried millennials that helps them know, grow and organise their money. For the unacquainted, a neobank is essentially a mobile banking service that does not have any physical branches — they operate exclusively online. At the crux of their communication is the belief that millennials have a broken relationship with money and the app can help fix it. 

The brand created a LinkedIn activation in the form of a job listing for a ‘Chief Broke Officer’ — a voluntary role with a job description that includes responsibilities such as using the Fi app, giving feedback, testing it out and telling the team about ways to make it better.  And no just because the title has the word ‘broke’ in it, doesn’t mean you have to be broke to apply. In fact, the only criteria needed is a broken relationship with money. 

An ideal candidate would be someone who is currently working, has at least one year’s work experience, and is collaborative when it comes to money matters, and extremely skilled at putting it off for tomorrow. There’s a lot more around this unique job opening that you need to know, find out for yourself.

If you make the cut, perks include an extra month’s salary of up to a lakh and early access to the Fi app. 

With the Chief Broke Officer initiative, Fi has managed to disrupt the usual BFSI communication patterns, giving the onus of the product directly in the hands of its end consumers.