Global Samosa: Walmart’s campaign asks Americans to buy ‘Plants’ to create jobs

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Global Samosa: Walmart’s campaign asks Americans to buy ‘Plants’ to create jobs

As part of its ‘America At Work’ venture, Walmart is encouraging people to purchase products from their stores to increase recruitment within its distributors' network

Sowing the seeds of employment, the television commercial by Walmart portrays a chain of reaction that evidently occurs when Americans resort to buying ‘plants’ from one of its stores. If a person purchases plants from Walmart, this thereby leads to an implicit growth of their supplier, Metrolina Greenhouse, which as a result, buys more plants and expands its business.  In furtherance, as they grow the business, more employees are hired. These employees are then able to provide for their families, thus flourishing their livelihood. 

Walmart & Sam’s Club’s movement ‘America At Work’ is committed to an additional $350 billion in products made, grown, or assembled in America, supporting over 750,000 U.S. jobs.

“So they can hire Vilmy, Wendy, and me. So more people can go to work, so more days can start with kisses when you buy this plant at Walmart, ” the advertisement proclaimed.  The company's chain of hypermarkets has witnessed a slight increase in its job applications for digital and stocking roles.

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Walmart’s previous advertisement, released on February 25 on its YouTube channel, projected the story of a black woman named ">Maxine Hercules who started her journey as a cashier at one of its stores, went on to become a licensed optician,  and then get a degree in business leadership. The commercial aired under the campaign ‘Black history is today’ and claimed that the brand was ‘proud to empower more than 3,50,000 black associates’. The campaign was inclusive of a series of advertisements that the company created to propagate eradication of racism, and how it is aiming towards releasing them from the shackles of disparity.  

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