Infographic: How to create the ideal buyer persona?

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Mar 09, 2021 20:49 IST
infographic buyer persona

Going beyond the conventional demographics and understanding the psychographics of the ideal buyer requires an extensive process that this infographic explains to help understand buyer persona.

Consumers that would visit your website, follow your social media page, buy your products, and interact or engage with your brand, would all have a few common traits that can be compiled into a fictional character or a buyer persona that would represent the consumer base. This infographic spells out how a brand can create a buyer persona.

Behavioral patterns, goals, skills, attitudes, and more of such characteristics that are common amongst the buyers can be used as the archetype of your target audience. Recognizing the ideal buyer will help a brand find potential consumers at an accelerated rate.

A consumer-centric strategy that relies on market segmentation on the basis of human attributes and personality traits, broadens the scope of the target audience, beyond age, gender, and geography demographics.

Along with formulating the online marketing strategy, and streamlining promotional efforts, understanding and devising the ideal buyer persona can also help brands in product development and enhancing the user experience.

While devising the buyer persona, it's important to execute a stringent research process and bank on a rational underlying logic that addresses all the concerns and reasons for creating a buyer persona.

Follow the steps mentioned in the infographic by Grazitti to tap the potential of a buyer persona.

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