Interactive Avenues launches hyperlocal marketing product suite Caliper

Caliper Interactive Avenues

Caliper by Interactive Avenues can set up hyperlocal campaigns, activate digital media & a location-aware, hyper-personalized creative engine.

There has been a paradigm shift in consumer search behavior, and a lot of research happens on products and experiences, which are proximity-based. Hyperlocal searches are growing at the rate of 55% year-on-year, with 10X growth in local language searches. 

Caliper aims to solve endemic business problems like – Local Asset Readiness, Last Mile Optimization (Offline conversions or digitally attributable sales), Centralized or De-Centralized modules for a business generating demand pan India, Unification and Optimization across digital platforms, Store/Dealer level SEO, Generating and measuring store walk-ins and many other category-specific-use cases. 

Talking about the new tool, Amar Deep Singh, CEO, Interactive Avenues – A Reprise Network Company, said, “We aim to help as many businesses get on to their digital journeys with ease. We want to successfully harness the true potential of digital by getting more personalized experiences for marketers backed by extremely robust measurement metrics contributing to business outcomes.”

He further added, “We’ve successfully tested the product with 2 of our leading clients in the retail and auto categories, and we’ve observed that participating dealership/stores have seen 230% incremental sales and 79% incremental walk-ins in comparison to non-participating dealers/stores. In the last 4-5 months, we have spent close to INR 7.75 crore and delivered walk-ins, tele-ins, along with offline sales for both jewelry and auto category.” 

IA is now moving Caliper to a closed Beta stage for its key clients. What were humble beginnings trying to automate large deployments across platforms, has manifested into a full-blown hyperlocal product suite. The templates are easy to use and the AI/ML modules make it simple for brands to just input their business goals and let the activations optimize purely on the business outcome.

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Harish Iyer, Executive Vice President, Interactive Avenues – A Reprise Media Network, said, “Our full 360-degree experience of working across traditional brick and mortar businesses across categories, like, Auto/CPG/Retail/Mobile OEMs, has given us a way to create the best-suited product suite for businesses to harness as well as create local demand and at the same time give them the best digital experiences.” 

Interactive Avenues – A Reprise Network Company, which is the digital arm of Mediabrands India is currently offering Caliper as invitation-only for Non-Mediabrands clients.