5 ways corporates should use Twitter the LinkedIn India way

LinkedIn India Twitter

We take a look at how LinkedIn India on Twitter oscillates between being a humorous and relatable entity to being a corporate promoting its products.

In a sea of people debating whether or not veg biryani is a legitimate dish, corporates trying to promote their work may not be very heart or RT-worthy. Why would someone pause a mindless scroll to congratulate a bunch of people celebrating a new round of funding? Isn’t that what LinkedIn is for? However, Twitter is also a platform where companies can play humans and interact with people, reeling them into understanding their products and services better. This is a dichotomy LinkedIn India is constantly trying to bridge on Twitter, a few characters at a time. They are funny and relatable. And, have their users at the heart of everything they say.

Relatable Humour

Throughout last year, LinkedIn India has been tweeting about the ever so all-consuming Work From Home life, as experienced by its users. It’s almost like they are banding together all their users on an alternate platform — after all, could you really rant about these things on LinkedIn where you have a bunch of professional contacts getting notifications each time you post? Twitter thus comes to the rescue of professionals looking to rant their heart out, supplemented by the cues shared by LinkedIn.

Nudging for Engagement

Since LinkedIn India is essentially working on building a community, nudging people to engage with their tweets is a must. While they entertain and comfort working professionals on Twitter, there are also times where they encourage users to tag others, who might be in the same boat. This is an intriguing step for it could be assumed that not a lot of people like to interact with their colleagues outside of the work environment. Communication like this is thus targeted at a very specific group of working professionals — those who have friends in workspaces and aren’t averse to staying connected to each other on social media.

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Advice & Encouragement

Every once in a while, everyone needs encouragement and words of advice. This is especially true in the year working professionals have just had, for 2020 was easy for none. By doling out such words of wisdom, LinkedIn India has been able to distribute hope via Twitter. May it be an age-old saying or something that has been tailor-made for a certain occasion or situation, the impact of such content is perhaps unparalleled.

Campaigns & Corporate Communication

Like any other brand, LinkedIn India also uses Twitter to put up corporate communication releases and updates as well as amplify campaigns. This is a brand-building exercise that is mostly done with an aim to document as well as join larger conversations and reach more people. Here, they are able to express thoughts and opinions on topics o importance. Almost always, these tweets are accompanied by links to their official blogs.

Subtle Marketing

At the end of the day, LinkedIn is a brand using Twitter to reach more people, to get them to try their products and services. They are using the platform to market themselves and build their brand. In some of their tweets, the nudge is extremely obvious — they are simply asking people to switch platforms and go work on their LinkedIn profiles. This is where they are (almost literally) redirecting the web traffic to their platform.

At the core of everything LinkedIn India tweets, is a need to communicate that there is a human at the other end — who understands you and is worthy of being a partner in your tough times, such as when you are looking for a job. LinkedIn India’s communication often targets working and aspiring professionals, nudging them ever so slightly to give the platform a chance. Someone who understands you, advises you and shows commitment to helping you is bound to deserve a chance, no?