LinkedIn launches features to customize Profile

Social Samosa
Mar 31, 2021 04:49 IST
LinkedIn launches features to customize Profile

As each professional on the platform has their own unique career path & skills, sharing one's professional journey in an expressive way is integral for networking; for the same LinkedIn adds new features to the Profile.

LinkedIn has re-imagined how users can bring their professional stories to life on the platform and is introducing tools to help users create a more expressive and inclusive Profile. 

Video Cover Story, the new tool lets users personalize their first “hello,” so they can engage their audience and reach recruiters. Once users add a Cover Story, an orange ring will appear around the Profile photo, and a preview of the video will auto-play silently within the photo frame. The platform will also announce captioning capabilities soon. 


For job seekers, a Cover Story is a way to introduce themselves to hiring managers by sharing career goals, providing a peek at their personality, and showcasing their communication skills. According to a recent U.S. survey* almost 80% (76%) of hiring managers believe seeing a pre-recorded video of a job seeker would be useful.

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Freelancers can attract new clients by using a Cover Story to talk about their services. Users can now create a dedicated Service Page right from their Profile, giving them more reach to LinkedIn’s global community of nearly 740 million members. 

LinkedIn is also introducing an optional field at the top of the Profile, displayed next to the name, where users can add their gender pronouns. 70% of job seekers believe it’s important that recruiters and hiring managers know their gender pronouns, and 72% of hiring managers agree and believe it shows respect. 


LinkedIn Live broadcasters have an additional feature that will show their Live broadcast when they start streaming, helping to increase the visibility of your content. All of these features will roll out to members globally starting this week.