Original Content vs Trending Format: The new social media paradox

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Mar 05, 2021 05:45 IST
Original Content vs Trending Format

Experts at AliveNow presents SAMMIE BSMB 2020-21 discuss how Original Content vs Trending Format has become a topic of debate in the lives of many digital marketers.

Original Content, Trending format, or both? Experts share key metrics and tools to create a winning content strategy while solving this dilemma.

Panel Members

Topicals, Memes & Trending

When it comes to moments and memes Naqvi says what appeals to him is the idea of trending content capturing the imagination of the people, and making them content creators in their own right. Today, brands and agencies are even hiring specialist meme creators.

Ganesh shares that there are two things to keep in mind, in current times:

  • The consumers want to consume the content which is layered with humor
  • Meme marketing is the future

He says that meme marketing is similar to a Television Commercial, where, in 30 seconds you can communicate multiple aspects about your brand tonality and make it aspirational.

“This is the new world where humor seems to be the escape route," Ganesh cites.

Pillars of Content Strategy & Key Metrics

As a brand, we have larger themes for content, shares Ganesh. At Dunzo, there are multiple and parallel themes of communication. One of them is the work of their delivery partners, known as, 'Everyday Superheroes' in their strategy, another bucket being 'Variety Makes it all', etc.

“Once, we are done with building the larger themes is when we look more themes which come under these buckets”, he says. The idea behind doing all of these is to create a connection with the consumer so that they feel that this is a brand that we would want to follow.

Another pillar could be the internal team for the brand. For example, Dunzo has a team of ‘Digital Natives’, as Ganesh shares. “Many team members have been illustrators in Instagram (say) or Influencers across social media pages. We have built a team from scratch who understand the social media channels better than us, that’s one of the reasons that it has worked”, he adds.

Speaking on the key metrics for success, Ganesh points towards the ‘shareability’ of content.

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The ‘How’ of Trending vs Original content

One paramount factor while brands roll out trending content is the speed and turnaround time. Naqvi says with speed comes responsibility. But how do brands take care of the sensitivity check, at such times? Ganesh shares that to keep a rain-check and do this, they share the content with everybody in the brand team. “It is crucial to have the diversity for bringing awareness on the right and the wrong”, he says. The diversity which is inbuilt in the team can be a great filter for campaigns.

Ganesh cites that it is important to capture the trend in the first 6 hours.

This can be understood through metrics available on social media such as which time works best for the brand.

Diving further into the topic, does ‘Trending Content’ bring brand resonance vs Original content? Ganesh explains that what works with the consumer is the message of the brand. It is important to convey the value propositions of the brand, which includes the brand message, promise, and more.

Naqvi summarizes, “It means memes and topical content are being used to extend the brand narrative and deliver on the same brand promise, instead of just catching on to a trend.”

Tips for Devising a Content Strategy

For a winning content strategy, it is essential to know your audience and the platforms. Ganesh puts forth, “Start with defining who your consumer is and what the communication channel should be. Then, working backward to understanding what kind of content works for them.”

As long as brands and marketers understand the following, things are simple, concludes Ganesh:

  • Who your consumer is
  • What your channel needs to be used
  • What kind of content works as per the platforms/channels and the audience

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