CoorDown campaign shows how inclusive hiring goes a long way

Start The Hiring Chain Campaign

Created by SMALL and supported by LinkedIn, Start The Hiring Chain Campaign aims to dispel myths around the employment of persons with Down Syndrome.

On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day, Sunday 21 March 2021, CoorDown — National Coordination of Associations of People with Down Syndrome — has launched the international awareness campaign, The Hiring Chain, to affirm that hiring a person with Down syndrome changes life not only for the person concerned but can trigger a virtuous circle of new opportunities for everyone. It has been created by a New York-based agency, SMALL.

Sting, the award-winning English artist, performs the original song “The Hiring Chain”, on which the campaign video is centred. The piece has been composed by Stabbiolo Music. The pressing and joyful text comes to life on the screen and testifies to the “virtuous” chain of job inclusion. The official hashtags of the campaign include #HiringChain #WorldDownSyndromeDay and #WDSD21 campaign.

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In addition to the campaign video, companies and employers are invited to visit the initiative’s website (created by Adoratorio), where they can find information on associations in Italy and different countries of the world that guarantee information and necessary support towards the job placements of people with Down syndrome. The site also contains in-depth information on the subject of work and a Q/A section to answer the first questions that companies and employers ask themselves about the job placement of a person with an intellectual disability.

The international campaign is being carried out with the contribution of Down Syndrome Australia and Down’s Syndrome Association (UK) and sponsored by DSi – Down Syndrome International. The campaign has also received the patronage of the Cariplo Foundation, which in recent years has supported over 350 projects for about 40 million euros, creating job opportunities for over 2500 people, and will be supported by LinkedIn whose Italian office has collaborated with CoorDown in the last 12 months for the success of the initiative.