Testing: Facebook develops Audio Rooms, on the lines of Clubhouse

Facebook rooms

Facebook is testing various alternatives on lines of audio rooms on the platform, the feature is in the early stage of development and has not been rolled out on the full scale yet.

A version of audio rooms is also being developed on Instagram. A format and UI of the new feature on Facebook at this point in time appears to be the carbon copy of Clubhouse. Another native version for the Facebook app, that will not require the users to get on Messenger is also reportedly being developed.

An audio-only room for listeners via Live Audio, a private audio room with friends, along with private video room with friends, are the options that the platform is exploring right now.

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Audio Rooms is the third popular feature to be duplicated by Facebook after Stories, and Reels. As the newer generations of social media users are not attracted to or are losing the appeal for Facebook, the platform banks on additions of popular features duplicated from new and rising apps.

Twitter Spaces was found to be in the process of being developed around the period in which Clubhouse was launched, and was recently rolled out to more users.