Testing: Twitter Shopping Features, & Private Spaces

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Twitter has been developing shopping features on the platform to foray into E-Commerce, along with experimenting with private chat rooms for the new voice-based feature - Spaces.

Both Twitter shopping features and private spaces are in the testing phase and have not been rolled out on the full scale yet.

Shopping Features

A new type of card that link's to a product page on a brand's website will be able businesses and brands on the platform. The card displays the brand and the product name, its price, a 'Shop' button that will redirect the user to the shopping destination outside the platform, along with a caption.

Previously, brands could still redirect a user to a checkout page but it would be through a link included in the Tweet, and product information could not be displayed on the card.

There is limited information available on the development, but we may also expect an in-app shopping tab and possibly a checkout feature within the app.

Facebook and Instagram have aggressively forayed into the E-Commerce sector with Shops, and Pinterest continues to innovate virtual shopping on the platform, but the addition may positively impact ad spends on the platform, with increased chances of conversion-driven sales.

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Private Spaces

Clubhouse-rival Spaces by Twitter is going through a new test that only allows the people invited into a Space. For the unacquainted, Spaces are chat rooms to have voice-based conversations.

Twitter users can create a space, invite users, and manage who can speak. Spaces enable users to have discussions about a topic away from the chatter of users who might divert a conversation or disturb it, because of the public nature of conversations on Twitter.

Taking this notion a step forward, private Spaces can be used to have conversations with friends and family, or discuss a certain topic only with specific users who share the same interest and can be expected to follow a decorum.

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