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Twitter Elections 2021

To gear up for the upcoming Assembly Elections 2021 in Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, and Puducherry, Twitter has launched a few initiatives for information dissemination.

Along with the updates listed below, a custom emoji and hashtag for Assembly Elections 2021 will be launched by Twitter. A youth discussion series called #DemocracyAdda and #HerPoliticalJourney, a video series highlighting female leaders in politics and journalism are also in the works.

Information Search Prompt

The information search prompt has been launched in association with the Election Commission of India (@ECISVEEP) and State Election Commissions.

Whenever a user would search for terms or hashtags related to the Assembly Elections 2021, they would see a prompt that can redirect them to credible and authoritative information about candidate lists, voting dates, polling booths, and EVM voter registration, among other election-related topics.

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The election information prompt will be active in six languages including Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Assamese, Hindi, and English, supporting more than 20 hashtags. Some of the hashtags include: #विधानसभाचुनाव2021, #বাংলার ভোট 2021, #കേരളാതെരഞ്ഞെടുപ്പ്2021, #অসমনিৰ্বাচন২০২১, #தமிழ்நாடுதேர்தல்2021, #புதுச்சேரிவாக்கெடுப்பு2021

Pre-Bunks & De-Bunks

Information about how and where to vote will be available via a series of pre-bunk prompts across languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, and Bengali based on content by the national and State Election Commissions and civil society partners such as Youth Ki Awaz, Association of Democratic Reforms.

The prompts will appear on people’s home timelines and in Search, including information about how to register to vote, and details on EVMs and VVPATs. The prompts will also serve the public with voting information about booths, postal ballots, COVID-19 restrictions, and accessibility, among other topics.

Additionally, the service will focus on de-bunking critical issues as they arise with a curated Twitter Moment.

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