Twitter removes support for embedded Likes, Collections, & Moments timelines

Twitter embedded timelines

Twitter has announced that due to low usage, and to focus on improving the functionality of timelines that are most used, Likes, Collections, and Moments timelines (series of Tweets) cannot be embedded on websites anymore.

For the unacquainted, embeds on a website integrate a visual of a social media post and redirects the user to the post on the platform when clicked upon, to let the user interact or engage with the post. The move by Twitter stemmed out of analysis on embedded timelines.

The analysis found that the majority of users choose to embed Profiles or Lists, 99.48% of domains that embed timelines, and only 0.52% of domains embed the Likes, Collections, and Moments timelines.

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Consequently, the platform decided to drop embeddable support for these, but as the majority of the users do not use them, embeds for 99% of the users would remain unaffected. Twitter plans to retire these timelines on June 23, 2021.

When officially retired, users will see the timeline return a link to the Likes, Collection, or Moment timeline on Twitter. Developers or publishers who are using any of these timelines may want to switch to Profiles or Lists.

Twitter mentions that the change will positively impact the most used timelines and users would see them become faster, easier to use, and more up-to-date with Twitter features and functionality.

In October 2020, Facebook and Instagram had dropped support for WordPress embeds.