WeWork latest campaign showcases why workspace matters

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WeWork campaign why office spaces matter

As a part of its ongoing multi-film campaign, WeWork has launched its fourth video to highlight the relevance of office spaces and in-person interactions at workplaces.

The flexible workspace provider as a part of its ongoing multi-film campaign  “When Plans Change, Plan With WeWork”, launched its fourth video highlighting why workspace matters

WeWork announced the launch of its latest multi-film campaign, 'When Plans Change, Plan With WeWork', consisting of a number of brand films spread over months.

These videos showcase how the workforce has molded itself around the changing nature of work due to COVID-19 and the inconvenient, albeit, hilarious experiences everyone has endured over most of the last year.

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The first video for the campaign went live on Dec 11th, 2020, and focussed on what we missed most about our workplace. The second video featuring comedian and influencer Rahul Subramaniam, went live on Jan 25th, 2021, depicting the inconveniences caused due to WFH, and the third video captures the reality of attending Zoom calls from home, depicting the struggles in a relatable manner. This went live on Feb 19th, 2021. Today, the fourth video of this campaign went live which focuses on the importance of workspace. 

Initially, WFH presented us with multiple incentives, like working on a plan of action for your next project from the bed and joining Zoom meetings in our pajamas, etc. However, over the last 6 months, these perks became redundant as people started to miss the office. While working from home offers certain flexibility, it will never be able to replicate the culture, social interactions, collaborations as well as productivity that comes from working from your designated workspace. It has also been scientifically proven that face-to-face interactions instead of virtual meetings are more effective and easy to comprehend.

WeWork’s latest video depicts the struggles of not having a designated area for work at our homes and why space is one of the predominant aspects of our work lives. The flexible workspace provider offers flexibility, collaboration, and culture whilst prioritizing safety, which is perfect to motivate you to get back to work and experience the office culture that you have dearly missed. 

Speaking about the latest film, Vineet Singh, Head of Brand & Marketing, WeWork India, said, “We have all had to adapt to a certain way of operating while working from home. We started to take into account external elements that were never an issue previously, like your doorbell going off in the middle of a very important meeting for instance. We at WeWork understand the importance of a vibrant, collaborative workspace that leads to better productivity and efficiency. With this campaign and this latest video, WeWork is saying that we are ready to welcome you back to  your ideal workspace.”

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