YouTube Updates: Product Detection in videos, Known Issues Card & more

YouTube Updates

YouTube has made a few new additions and updates to YouTube Studio and Analytics for creators and is now expanding a test of an important feature for viewers.

YouTube has always been an informational hub for product discovery. Users have often relied on reviews, unboxing videos, and more to know and discover products, and the platform is taking this habitual activity further with a new experiment, along with launching other updates for creators.

Product Detection

The experiment that detects products or related products in a video is now being expanded. The feature will detect products in a video and suggest videos and actions on the basis of the products detected. The feature is currently live in the testing phase for audiences based in the US only.

The feature will display a list of products and related products detected in the video in between the recommended videos jotted down below the video player. Any users scrolling down the video player will be able to get more information about the products on YouTube.

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Known YouTube Issues

A new card in YouTube Studio called the Known Issues Card has been launched. The card apprises creators about issues that may have been affecting functionalities on the platform, such as uploading problems, inactive features, bugs, and more.

The card will list down all known YouTube issues with the date it was found and its status, whether the issues have been fixed or not. The card will let the creators know the reason for the issues they have been facing, and hence saving up the hassle. It is presently only available on mobile.

Cumulative Subs

Cumulative Subs in YouTube Analytics will provide comprehensive data about a creator’s progress on their subscriber count throughout the channel’s existence.

So all of the questions such as ‘In which year did I reach a thousand subscribers, and more will be answered here. Creators can also ‘See Live Count’ to check their real-time progress.