Advertising & Marketing Professionals express thoughts on toxicity with a call to #DetoxWork

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Two Advertising professionals lost their lives in the middle of a pandemic, the sad and disheartening news has led people from the industry to introspect on their choice of profession and question toxic culture in workplaces

For the longest of time, Advertising and Marketing Professionals have carried hustle, all-nighters and working 24*7 as a proud badge of honor. These are supposed to be the checkboxes one needs to tick if they have to survive and thrive in the Industry

In the race to crack briefs, meet deadlines and go LIVE in unrealistic timelines we lose track of the most important KPI of our life, our health and well being.

The Shocking news of people losing their lives has triggered Advertising and Marketing Professionals to share their thoughts on toxicity with a call to #DetoxWork

This is a gentle reminder for all the leaders out there, your people are your first and foremost PRIORITY.

That Client, that campaign and everything else can wait. Please look after your employees and facilitate a workplace that actually helps them achieve the real WORK-Life balance.

And this should be one of the most URGENT and IMMEDIATE task on your list. We hope you hear out these voices soon and do the needful ASAP.

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