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Apr 16, 2021 02:30 IST

How do we define TechCentrica?

TechCentrica is a digital marketing organization based in Noida with a presence in Melbourne and Australia. The agency specializes as an online digital marketing and web development firms. We intend to keep things simple, creative, and awesome. Presentation matters to us, and we believe that if it isn't satisfactory, it isn't anything. 

What's in the name? 

Pushap Narain Gupta (Founder) is the one who has created this concept of TechCentrica which is TC- Think Creative, this name is frequently our initial introduction with clients. 

What do we do? 

We provide services in Digital Marketing, ORM administrations, Mobile App Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, and Development alongside Search Engine Marketing.

Our services are given by our Microsoft - Bing and Google - certified experts. Our objective is to give our customers result-situated administrations and we aim to flourish for flawlessness. 

Why we do it? 

We are specialists in our services. Yes, we comprehend showcasing deeply and work with customers as though they are their brands. This gives them an edge and an enthusiasm to contribute the appropriate set of assets, time, and energy to develop the brand and guarantee it arrives at its fullest potential.

All these years we experienced a lot of failures and then we came up with the most effective solution for every single failure we encountered.

How we evolve? 

Never stop improving, is the key. Computerized media is continually advancing, shape-moving, and getting intricate continuously. Coming out in the market with newer ideas, creativity each day helps us achieve our goal. Creativity is not a ready-to-eat thing, it comes up with efforts, research, and intelligence.

It is my key part, as an originator, to see new arising patterns for the requirements of our customers. Every one of the splendid thoughts that we have created has generally come from customers or our kin. Along these lines, it's critical to keep our learning and assimilation on and continue to search for longshots.

Social responsibility in social media 

We keep it transparent & our approach is “Make it beneficial for all”.

TechCentrica has faith in joining forces with the clients over the long haul through the adaptable business methodology and conveyance models. We know the estimation of your trust which you put on us and TechCentrica consistently put forth a valiant effort to protect that trust by going past than customer's assumption.

The need of the hour 

Content and Data, both are the king today. Keeping the eyes on Cybersecurity counts in social ethics for a company and the brand, both.

Learning by doing is also another line that needs to be added to eradicate the pessimistic approach. This will also promote ethics such as honesty, hard and fair work.

We learned the hard way 

Tracking the excellence to develop ourselves, our groups, our administrations, and items to turn into the best. We have worked for the past some years together by establishing the trust of the clients and making sure that delivery has to be done on time. Setting ethical business standards and becoming an example in the industry. 

What works is to be fair, clear honest, and thereby earning trust and respect from the clients. Being ethical & sincere towards the work makes a brand come up with such an energy that no one can replace them. This is only what we are doing.

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Did we just share that? 

Working on a project for a long time giving your full time and energy towards it and then getting a response to do some more changes. This probably happens with everyone. Though it improves the quality we deliver and again a learning experience for the team

They work with us 

  • The Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • IIM- Lucknow
  • IIMT
  • Diamond
  • Neptune
  • SAM India
  • Paramount and many more......

The industry as we foresee 

  • Data and AI, are growing with new things on daily basis. 
  • Social media is the current trend that is changing the world. This is a major platform for anyone to grow. More than half of the population focuses on Social media

 A day without Internet 

Unpredictable. But if it were to happen, then the social life and the family life of people will improve in certain ways.

Lastly, are you hiring?


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