Apis India's Ramadan campaign highlights bonds of togetherness amidst difficult times

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Apis Ramadan campaign

Taking the audience through the journey of sharing and togetherness, the Apis India Ramadan campaign attempts to weave a moving tale of kindness that places humanity above all.

APIS India has launched a digital video campaign during the holy month of Ramadan. Resonating with the theme of the festival with the emotional aspects associated with it, the philosophy behind this campaign is bringing families and friends together while aiming to strengthen the bonds of kinship and brother/sisterhood during the occasion.

A part of that bond is built when you share food together where sharing not only increases the blessing in your food but also makes you realize with how little you can be satisfied with, in-line with the festive emotions.

As the brand is into a healthy product range with 'Dates' in their category, which is one of the most consumed food items in the month, the idea was to impart a message on the importance of healthy living during the month. It is the story of a man’s good deeds, which inspires us to look at life a little differently in an attempt to take the audience through the journey of sharing food, placing humanity above all with slice of life moments.

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This digital campaign is the creative vision of the production house, Going Rogue Studios, and the creative agency SOCIAPA. The cast includes prominent artists such as Avijit Dutt.

With an objective to reach more people, the brand leveraged major social media platforms, influencer marketing, google ads, programmatic ads, youtube ads, amongst others.

Speaking on this creative campaign, Pankaj Mishra, CEO, Apis India, said, “With Ramadan taking place in the shadow of the COVID for the second time, the importance of sharing & caring for each other has been realized by all. The pandemic has highlighted the human values to be shared by fellow citizens. This is the true spirit of Ramadan.

Adding further, he said, "The month of Ramadan significantly contributes in fostering good relations and promoting community cohesion. This campaign is our way to promote sharing, which is an important aspect in our lives."

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