CoinSwitch Kuber highlights relevance of crypto investments in India with its new campaign

Samriddhi Bisht
New Update
CoinSwitch Kuber

Created by Nihilent, the core message of the campaign is to convey that each one of us wishes to create wealth that can be achieved through the possible simple, flexible, future-facing, and credible ways, leveraging CoinSwitch as the platform.

CoinSwitch Kuber has announced the launch of its new ad campaign, ‘Trade Kar, Befikar’, featuring Actor Kunaal Roy Kapur. The campaign is aimed at the young and tech-savvy population of India that is currently investing their faith in cryptocurrency as an alternate asset for smart financial investments. 

Created by Nihilent, the initiative consists of three interconnected ad films that showcase a couple's journey of being a parent from the first week of their child's birth and how investing in cryptocurrency would help them in achieving their financial goals. The first ad film of the campaign is out and the other two will be rolling out soon. The campaign is all set to get aired on Disney+ Hotstar throughout the Indian Premier League.

It will also be popularised by using various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The campaign aims to focus on positioning CoinSwitch Kuber as the go-to cryptocurrency investment platform for Indians.  

The first ad film features the moments of a couple embarking on the journey of parenthood. The ad showcases a pregnant woman being rushed to the operation theatre for delivery by her husband and the doctor. The husband is then shown questioning the doctor about the minimum amount of money one needs to invest in bitcoin. Later, in the ad, the doctor can be seen answering the question.

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The key insight behind the campaign is that when a person’s life changes, it also brings in urgency to financially manage these changes. For instance, one of the biggest changes in human life is when someone becomes a parent. The responsibility of bringing in and providing for a new life is enormous, to say the least. Hence, the films illustrate the moments when a couple is embarking on the journey of parenthood. 

Speaking on the association with Kunaal, the brand shares, "Our intention was not only to inform but entertain as well. After all, we’re running through the IPL season. The reason for Kunaal Roy Kapoor playing all the roles is primarily to accentuate the memorability, humour, and whimsicality of the campaign."

With the new ad campaign, the message that CoinSwitch Kuber wishes to deliver is to convey that each one of us wants to create wealth for ourselves, and achieving that can be done in a simple, flexible, future-facing, and credible way. Doubtlessly, the world seems to be moving towards cryptocurrency and Coinswitch Kuber intends to be the platform for every Indian to attain financial strength.

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