Facebook Analytics is being shut down

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics will cease functions and would not be available after June 30, 2021. Reports, charts, and insights would be accessible until then.

Advertisers, developers, businesses, or admins using Facebook Analytics are advised to export their data into a CSV file from the desktop. They can click the arrow sign in the top-right corner of each chart or table, to store an offline copy.

For the unacquainted, Facebook Analytics is a free tool that helps one understand the engagement metrics and user interactions with the website, Facebook Page, app, or other supported event source.

The tool that can be accessed via browser or mobile app is used to view aggregated demographic information, like age and gender, how different groups of people interact with the website, Page, or events across multiple channels.

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Substitutes for Facebook Analytics

Here are few other tools and resources that can be substituted for Facebook Analytics:

Facebook Business Suite

Manage Facebook and Instagram business accounts and comprehensive insights about the audience, content, and trends.

Ads Manager

Measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns on Facebook across multiple metrics, and view the results of Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

Events Manager

Manage business tools such as the Facebook pixel and Conversions API, additionally, the tool also reports actions taken on your website, in your app, and in the physical shop.